Faruk Kabir to direct Anuja Joshi for Novoneel Chakraborty’s Marry Me Stranger

10 . Sep . 2018
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Novoneel Chakraborty is pegged to be the next big thing in modern Indian literature. Now, his best-selling trilogy, Marry Me, Stranger is being turned into a web series by Applause Entertainment. Goldie Behl, who produces the series for Applause has locked onto Anuja Joshi, as the protagonist of the story, Rivanah.

TheDigitalHash got in touch with the two and this is what Behl had to say about Anuja, ““She’s a trained actor from NYC. Her performance style and body language are westernised which is very fresh and unique for us.”

In the book, Rivanah is a young, beautiful girl living in Mumbai who has it all, a good job, a good boyfriend, et al. However, things take a drastic turn when Rivanah realises that someone is stalking her.

Anuja said, “Rivanah is a character that I know many young people can relate to. Although her journey is filled with dark twists and turns, she is ultimately striving for what all young people strive for: independence. I poured my heart into portraying Rivanah and I hope the audience falls in love with her the way I did. So grateful for this opportunity!”

Web series creators are looking at books and novels for their content. Earlier Netflix made a web series out of Sacred Games, the Vikram Chandra book. That series has swept the awards ceremonies this year.

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