Kanika – Girliyapa Cine

  • Nidhi Bisht does a great job of breaking her mould
  • Girlyapa Cine evolves from being an entertainer to be an awareness creator
  • Kanika is nominated for Streaming Awards, December Edition under Best Short Film Category

Entertaining audiences with short films is just the beginning, the actual idea is to make them aware about the ills and evils that we are surrounded by. AIB did it earlier and now Girlyapa Cine is doing just that. Nidhi Bisht stars in a unique short film that reveals the one danger everyone is surrounded by – paedophila.

The screenplay is stunning and relevant and gives it all an ‘everyday’ feeling. It’s a revelation to see Nidhi playing a non-funny character. The short film shows off how much Nidhi has prepared for the role, right from the body language to mannerisms.

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Nidhi Bisht, Ruhi Khan, Harshad Kumar, Jyotika Kukrety, Manoj Bhandup, Meera Ali, Kamlesh

Creative Head: Nidhi Bisht,

Writer and Director: Pranav Bhasin

Associate Director: Saarth Padmakar

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