Justaju The Longing – The Short Cuts

  • Prakash Jha creates a compelling character on screen
  • Mudassir Mashalkar, the writer, creates another interesting story about urban loneliness
  • Justaju The Longing is nominated for Streaming Awards, December Edition under Best Short Film Category

Short films are a great way to tell compelling stories in the short format. Mudassir Mashalkar weaves an interesting one, that’s about urban loneliness and love, as much as the title – Justaju The Longing. Prakash Jha has given consistently great performances and the film-maker seems to be enjoying his second innings as an actor. Sarika’s cameo is what lifts the film above and away from the others.

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Prakash Jha, Sarika

Writer and Director: Mudassir Mashaklar

Produced by: Nisha Sujan Malik, Mudassir Mashalkar

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Short Film Justaju The Longing Review: Prakash Jha gives an amazing performance.

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