Dhund – Large Short Films

  • Sudeep Kanwal takes the Partition to create a spellbinding story.
  • Vipin Sharma and Sudeep Kanwal give amazing performances
  • Dhund is nominated for Streaming Awards, December Edition under Best Short Film Category

The Partition of India has inspired several films and it has now captured the newer, short film makers as well. Dhund is an intense story that deals with crime, betrayal and the love of a family in a laser-quick screenplay. When it comes to films about incidents in history, writers sometimes tend to gloss over some facts to create a white and black story.

However, Sudeep Kanwal, the writer and director, decides to create something that’s murky enough to be home to some of the greyest characters we have seen.  The performances are top class and the story will remain with the audience long after the end credits have rolled.

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Vipin Sharma, Sharib Hashmi

Writer and Director: Sudeep Kanwal

Producer: Shlok Sharma, Navin Shetty

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