Detour – Pocket Films

  • Vikrant Massey, Sayani Gupta give amazing performances in the short film.
  • Detour is a great try at telling a unique story within a short timeframe
  • Detour is nominated for Streaming Awards, December Edition under Best Short Film Category

Vikrant Massey and Sayani Gupta come together for an emotional short film that’s a perfect picture of urban loneliness among the young and the restless. It’s interesting to see how the director has created an amazing story from what seems to be a quirk. This is Vikrant’s third outing in the streaming world, after Mirzapur and Broken, and he has really hit it right with the kind of roles that he’s picking and the understated performances that he’s delivering. Sayani Gupta returns to the streaming platforms after her full-fledged web series and does justice to the soft, quirky story that this short film delivers.

Cast and Crew :

Cast : Vikrant Massey, Sayani Gupta

Writer and Director: Sumi Mathai

Producer: Pocket Films

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