Date with Saie – ZEE5

  • Rohit Kokate gives a great performance as the stalker
  • Saie Tamhankar is an amazing actress, and Date with Saie proves it
  • Date with Saie is nominated for Streaming Awards, December Edition under Best Web Series Category

Dnyanesh Zoting brings to the streaming screens Date with Saie, a fresh thriller that has several new aspects to it. A celebrity plays herself, the series is about celebrity stalking and more. Saie Tamhankar does a great job with her first streaming outing and Rohit Kokate creates a compelling character as the stalker. Pravin Prabhakar brings to screen one of the most compelling characters in streaming. All in all, a great viewing experience.

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Cast and Crew 

Cast:  Rohit Kokate, Ashish Pathare, Saie Tamhankar, Pravin Prabhakr

Director: Dynanesh Zoting

Writer: Dnyanesh Zoting

 Producer: Zee5

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