No names, no phone numbers, no faces. Just a connection between two souls in this latest episode of Blindfold on VOOT’s Fuh se Fantasy

24 . Apr . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

Sometimes normal dating does get boring. For most of us, getting to know a stranger and hanging out with a new person without knowing who they are does make things exciting. Taking a leap into a crazy unexplored fantasy, the newest episode of Fuh Se Fantasy is all about the thrill and the unexpected adventure when you bond with a stranger.

Starring the beautiful face that has been seen in multiple blockbusters- Manjari Phadnis in the lead, Blindfold will take you on a joyride where you say ‘yes’ only to strangers.

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If you are looking for a connect that knows no judgement,  this is an episode that cannot be missed.

Watch the enticing fantasy unfold, with the upcoming Fuh se Fantasy episode, exclusively on VOOT!