New series The Sisterhood of Fit Girls focuses on healthy travel diet

03 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

There’s no dearth of travel related shows, there are many travel shows, travel blogs and travel vlogs. But a new series takes a different take on travel series. Dr. Anjali Hooda (a celebrity nutritionist) – also actor Randeep Hooda’s sister – has collaborated with actor Sonal Sehgal for a unique series, which released a few days ago. Together they explore Barcelona and share their ways of maintaining their health balance while traveling, in the series titled The Sisterhood of Fit Girls.

The 4 episode mini-series is a weekly show spanning 10 minutes per episode. Talking about the series, Dr. Anjali said that the web series showcases on breaking fitness myths, while eating right and indulging in fun exercises.

Sonal Sehgal added that during ‪outdoor shoots, it becomes difficult to maintain one’s fitness routine; it becomes imperative to make the right fitness and food choices. In every episode, the duo take the audiences on a tour of the city covering it’s little secrets and sharing the easy way to maintain your way of healthy living while enjoying your vacations.

You can watch the first episode below