New Remastered Episode Tells Sam Cooke’s story

01 . Feb . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • Sam Cooke death comes to Netflix’s Remastered

The Sam Cooke murder is one of the most controversial deaths and Netflix is bringing that story back as an episode of their ongoing Remastered series. Netflix gives it in trumps when it comes to documentaries, so audiences should be ready for another engaging experience. Sam Cooke was famous for his songs and he became infamous when he refused to perform for segregated audiences.

The previous Remastered episodes have spoken about deaths and assassination attempts on several musicians, including Bob Marley, Jam Master Jay and others.

There have been rumours about who killed him, though the official version is that he barged into the room of a hotel receptionist and she shot him in self-defence. That account has been questioned since then.  He died at the age of 33, in 1964.

Watch the trailer here: