New Netflix docu- series Remastered, to focus on musical mysteries

27 . Sep . 2018
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  • Remastered will premiere on October 12
  • It will focus on musical mysteries
  • First episode to focus on Bob Marley’s death

A new series set to stream on Netflix will delve into some of the biggest mysteries that exist in the musical world.  The series, Remastered, will have its premiere on October 12. The first episode will be focusing on the attempted assignation of Bob Marley.

The attempt happened at a time when there was a lot happening in the Jamaican politics, and Bob was shot once in 1976, Wailers guitarist Don Kinsey was shot multiple times. This shooting has been the topic of discussion for many in the past four decades, and there were rumours that CIA was involved. Who Shot The Sheriff? Is the name of the first episode of the series.

The next episode will deal with a meeting between Richard Nixon and Johnny Cash, the third will deal with the death of Jam Master Jay. Other episodes will focus on the deaths of Miami showband, Victor Jara and Sam Cooke. Every month a new episode will be coming out.

Netflix has released a teaser of this new docu-series.

Watch it here: