Netflix’s ‘The Keepers’ is a stunning true crime documentary

30 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

True crime documentaries still capture the imagination of audiences quickly. The streaming giants Netflix as well as Amazon know this and have invested well in  documenting and exploring several true crime scenarios.

Netflix started this with “Making a Murderer’, a true life documentary about Stephen Avery. Since then, Netflix has dabbled with true crime, including the O.J Simpson case. Now, Netflix has launched ‘The Keepers’, a seven-part documentary on the unsolved murder case that rocked small-town America in the 70s, the murder of sister Catherine Cessnick.

The documentary tells the story of the murder with the eyes of the researchers, the authorities and families and friends of the slain Catholic woman.

The documentary is a crisp, well-made one that tries to portray all the questions that are still unanswered, along with the one that’s been trying the patience of all involved, ‘Who killed Catherine Cessnick?’