Netflix‘s film Outlaw King starring Chris Pine releases trailer

21 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix has released the trailer of its upcoming film Outlaw King which stars Chris Pine as Robert   The Bruce, a true untold story. The film come to Netflix on November 9, apart from having a release in select few theatres. It is directed by David Mackenzie.

Robert is a defeated nobleman who reluctantly becomes a king. As the repressive English occupation of the medieval Scottish affects his family and his people, he is forced to go to battle. The trailer of the series will remind one of Game of Thrones in a lot of ways. The film has some battle scenes and is also high on emotions the trailer suggests. With this, Netflix will have its very own period drama to boast of.

Prior to having its premiere on Netflix, the film will also be screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. Previously, the film Braveheart was also based on the same premise, but Outlaw King is expected to present a different version of the story of Robert.

Watch the trailer here: