Netflix withdraws Maya The Bee episode after parents complain of penis drawing

22 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The beauty of the digital medium is that one can go beyond the traditional framework and be as creative as possible. But Netflix, it seems, has gone a bit far. It the recently aired 35th episode of animated series Maya The Bee, a parent spotted a penis drawing in the background. While it is camouflaged, and probably a highly inquisitive child (most of them are actually) will spot it, the question remains why the need to put it in a children show.

After concerned parents voiced their opinion on this ‘unnecessarily naughty’ content, Netflix has taken down this episode titled King Willi (do we spot another reference to the penis, can’t say).

But this incident, in a way, harms Netflix’s bid to become the one-stop destination for digital content. For us grown-ups Netflix is definitely a favorite. hopes the streaming giant takes cue from this incident and is careful what it presents to the young minds.