Netflix trolls those who troll Radhika Apte with a meme, and a new production!

28 . Aug . 2018
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Radhika Apte is the face of Netflix in India, is one thing that most trollers agree upon. After innumerable tweets and Instagram posts about this, Netflix has finally given a reply to all those who trolled Radhika.

As part of its trolling back, Netflix ‘announced’ a new production altogether, titled Omnipresent on Twitter. Radhika plays all the characters in the film – in all three of them.  The announcement is described by the tweet which reads – Whatever the role, Radhika apt hai.

Here’s the tweet:

Not just on Twitter, Netflix also took to Instagram to release the poster of this venture, which it claims to be is a Radflix Original (Netflix’s very own take on Netflix Original). Besides acting, Radhika is credited as being the director, writer and also the music director. And to add to it, Netflix gave the image the description: Radhika made this poster herself.

See the poster here:

Radhika made this poster herself.

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