Netflix to allow audiences decide the ending of Original Series

03 . Oct . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute
  •  One episode of Black Mirror will allow users to choose endings
  •  This has happened decades ago, when audiences were invited to choose if Robin dies in a Batman comic.

Netflix has taken sci-fi to the next level by letting audiences decide the end of one of the episodes of the next season of their super successful sci-fi thriller Black Mirror. This will happen in the fifth season, which is set to release in December.

Netflix will also take this idea ahead with Puss in Books. In the animated adventure program, the audience will be able to decide which version they will watch – whether the protagonist will fight a tree or a God.

It has happened once, it remains to be seen if it happens again. Fiction has had a sad ending when left in the hands of fans. In the late nineties, fans decided to kill off Jason Todd, the then Robin after DC Comics left his fate in their hands.