Netflix stops reviews on PC website

09 . Jul . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix is changing the game for its viewers. It is now scrapping the review section for it users – this was a desktop only feature and it allowed users to give detailed reviews of the tv show and movies that streamed on their website.

However, Netflix has now scrapped that feature – but retained the thumbs up/thumbs down feature that’s gaining popularity among binge as well as the casual viewers.  The official Netflix message says that the feature will be retired on July 30, pertaining to declining usage.  Netflix earlier had a star rating system, which was later on dumbed down to a thumbs up and a thumbs down – again, it was a controversial step on Netflix’ side.

This is weird, because we wouldn’t be having this website if people didn’t want to access or write reviews of the series and Netflix Original films that they are watching. This is just another strange move on Netflix’s side. It is also tight lipped about the viewership numbers or demographics