Netflix stalks again with Dirty John

16 . Jan . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • Dirty John comes to Netflix.

Every time audiences see a crime story that has based on real events slapped in the trailer, the interest increases. Netflix knows it, and maybe that’s why it brings Dear John, a web series about a mature woman finding love in a man who might just be a criminal. That man who could be a criminal or a lovely person is Eric Bana, who is most well known for his outing as The Incredible Hulk in the Ang Lee film.

The series is very similar to You, the Netflix Original that was a fiction piece about a woman meeting a man in a bookstore and life goes south for both as they fall in love. Looks like Netflix is really liking the great-guy-gone-creepy story arc.

The season’s story is based on something that happened in 2014, and was a revelation of sorts when an investigative journalist spent an entire year reporting it.  Debra Newell is the woman who met a man, John Meehan, on dating sites and things go sideways after that. We are not giving you spoilers, because the real story is that damn good. Watch the trailer here:

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