Netflix series The Push is reality tv in a league of its own

28 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Reality TV is bringing all sorts of concepts and stories to the streaming screens, but the Netflix special The Push is something of a totally different league – the series will have episodes where common people – who have no idea they are being filmed – will be put in a precarious situation where they might commit murder. The series is helmed by psychological illusionist Derren Brown and the trailer looks just infinitely scary – after all, a person is about to be hoodwinked into committing a murder.

This is a bold concept and something that’s generally not seen in other web series or even a television series in mainstream. It is a mixture of prank cinema and crime and will surely engage the interest of several audiences from the streaming diaspora.

This is the latest addition to the unscripted series that Netflix is adding to its inventory. The Big N has just given the greenlight to the third season of Beastmaster 3 and has several other unscripted series going on, like My Next Guests Needs No Introduction with David Letterman and a stand-up comedy show with the likes of Chris Rock.

You can watch the trailer below 

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