New Netflix series The Punisher promises visceral action

19 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The Punisher is one of the many Marvel characters who survived the modern 90s and the postmodern world of millennials. The character was one of the mainstays of Netflix’s Daredevil. Fans will agree that the character provided the much-needed heft to the series, making it one of the defining ones when it comes to superhero web series.

While the origins of The Punisher are pretty much out there due to the films, they still require a modern retelling. And the latest teaser for The Punisher series provides some insight into the world of The Punisher.  The video has The Punisher work as a lone assassin and take down at least two people clad in army uniforms. You can watch the video here:

These action scenes hint at The Punisher series being as brutal and violent as the original Daredevil series was. Critics pointed out that these action scenes were the ones that marked the Daredevil series over and above the other Marvel series that hit Netflix.   The teaser is also the unveiling of a much more stylished Punisher Logo – arguably one of the most recognised logos in the world – after Superman.

This might also be the last Marvel/Daredevil collaboration with Disney deciding to set up its own streaming channel, creating a logical home for Marvel content.