Netflix series The Punisher has an explosive trailer

21 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

The mind blowing, bone crunching, bloodletting trailer of the Netflix series The Punisher has hit the screens. Looking at the trailer, it looks like the Netflix’s swansong with Marvel content is destined to be awesome. Frank Castle is one of the most violent and politically incorrect superhero characters ever. Interestingly, fans will get a glimpse of the most emotional and dramatic origin story in the Marvel Universe. The last time this was hinted at was in 2008, in the film Punisher: War Zone.

The Punisher series seems to go deeper into the world of The Punisher and bring forth the role of the FBI, the CIA and other Government bodies in the making of The Punisher.  What’s really impressive are the action sequences, which remind us of the insane action sequence work in the earlier Daredevil series. You can watch the trailer here: