Netflix Original: The Wheelman

17 . Nov . 2017
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Thriller films are around a dime a dozen. So much that this genre is now facing fatigue. Every year, film makers try to come up with a different heist film or a thriller film to shake up things.  With newer film makers looking at the streaming platforms as a somewhere they can experiment, there will be more films like this one, but right now we have The Wheelman.

The Wheelman tells us about a robbery that’s botched from the beginning and then goes down South with mysterious characters intent on double crossing each other and laying their grimy hands on the bounty – all the money a bank robbery can get them.

What’s WOW: The script is wafer thin, but the screenplay is so tight that it keeps you engaged all the time. The main character, played by Frank Grillo is an out of luck conman who’s taken the job to drive a getaway car because he and his friend needs the money. He has the commonplace issues such a man faces, an ex-wife, a daughter who doesn’t trust him and a perpetual requirement of money. Frank Grillo’s The Wheelman is what keeps the taut and tightly written script-play right on track and has the audience root for the characters.

What’s Blah: The Wheelman is a compelling watch, but it doesn’t do anything groundbreaking for the genre. The film’s largely bloodless and even thrill-less, with most of the film shot in a car. That director Jeremy Rush wishes cars to play a major role in the film is evident with the first shot itself, one with the camera placed in the rear seat of the car, with the characters standing right in front. The script is taut, but the story is quite pedestrian and has no moments that would grip the audience.

Parting Shot: A compelling watch, but not a memorable one.

Cast: Frank Grillo, Caitlin Carhmichael, Wendy Moniz, Garret Dillahunt, Slaine, John Cenatiempo

Producer: Lorien Motion Pictures

You can stream The Wheelman on Netflix 

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