Netflix Original Titans Review: It is a welcome addition to Netlix’s Superhero

14 . Jan . 2019
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  • Netflix has a winner with DC Universe’s Titans

Netflix is now doing to DC what it did to Marvel when it all began. The first DC Universe’s Titans, is now available for streaming. It’s not clear whether this is set in a brand new DCNetverse or is in continuation with the other TV series that we have seen – Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, etc. Here’s our complete review of the Netflix Original Series, Titans.

DC has always had fun with the Titans lineup   – a concept that’s basically about the younger versions of some of the most famous DC characters – Robin, Hawk Girl, Hawk Man, Beast boy and others. Only, the Netflix Original is a semi-grown-up, intense and dark look at the characters and the story.

The story is one of the arcs that DC has used in recent times. Trigon wants to enter the world with the help of his daughter, Raven, and the Titans must save Raven – and the world. Starting to do that is Dick Grayson, who has semi-retired from the gold, green and red costume and is a police officer in the mix comes Kori, a superhuman who’s lost her memory and just knows that she should stick with Raven. The Raven-Trigon-Titans arc was recently used in the MMORPG DC Universe Online. Other secondary characters abound – as they should in any self-respecting superhero web series.

What’s Wow: Titans is an intriguing, dark take at the concept. The good part about the series is that it’s big on action. There are few series and story enhancing sequences that have two or three people talking. Titans takes the story ahead with their action and investigative-procedural scenes – something that the young new audience should like.

The action sequences are superbly executed, and the show creators have taken some liberties for that. For example, one of the principal characters says it quite casually, that one of the main DC characters has started using guns. These bold script choices make Titans what it is.

Titans also succeeds in creating a new world where Batman and Superman are heard, and not seen. This could create a euphoric situation like when Wonder Women joined the fight in Batman V Superman. Performances are very good, and the characters are a far cry away from their one-dimensional story arcs that they were seen initially in, some thirty to forty years ago.

What’s Blah: Coming to the characters, these are not the retro characters who have to ask Batman or someone else who’s playing the shots. Titans is a fresh, new character lineup that is young, violent, and ready to experiment – much like the show creators.

Parting Shot: DC fans should suit up for this.

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Brenton Thwaites, Alan Ritchson, Anna Diop, April Bowlby, Bruno Bichir, Lindsay Gort

Creators: Greg Berlanti, Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns

DC Universe’s Titans,  is streaming now