Netflix Original: The Package

10 . Aug . 2018
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Netflix Original The Package is about a group of five friends who go for a camping trip. This group includes Sean who recently went to Germany, his awkward friend Donnie, Jeremy and his twin sister Becky and her friend Sarah who happens to be Donnie’s ex-girlfriend.

After a much awkward start to the trip as the girls weren’t invited to this all bro venture, the trip finally starts when the five reach their camping sight. Becky and Sean who have had feelings for each other but never got a chance to showcase them to each other try to do it this time, but they are interrupted when Jeremy is found talking to himself somewhere in the woods. As Sean and Donnie decide to scare him, Jeremy cuts his penis accidentally and all hell breaks loose.

What follows is a maddening journey. After keeping him and his penis safe all night, the four are finally able to get some aerial help for Jeremy. As they heave a sigh of relief to finally getting Jeremy to a safe place, they realise they handed to rough box to the paramedic and Jeremy’s penis is with them.

Another maniac journey starts and the four go through all kinds of stuff to make sure they reach Jeremy in time. When they finally reach the hospital, they are relieved that everything will be fine. But apparently not! Jeremy’s penis is attached to someone else who also lost his penis in an accident.

As they wonder what they have to do now, the patient’s penis is cut again by his sychopath girlfriend and now Donnie and Sean jump to get their hands on the penis.

After much mayhem, the package finally reaches where it belongs.

What Wow? This is a classic example of the day when everything went wrong. The package reaches everywhere but its destination, and that makes for one hell of a viewing experience. The performances by the five lead actors are noteworthy. Each of them has a good role to perform and they make sure that they give their best.

What’s Blah? Nothing to complain about.

Parting Shot: If you are in for some fun teenage cocky comedy, The Package is definitely what you are looking for. The original doesn’t make bore even for a second.

Cast and Crew 

Director: Jake Szymanski

Cast: Daniel Doheny, Sadie Calvano, Geraldine Viswanathan, Alexander Calvert

The Package is now streaming on Netflix

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