Netflix Original: Sometimes

03 . May . 2018
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Netflix’s most recent Indian title Sometimes is based on the concept of AIDS.

The film starts with the typical hospital scenario in India. There are patients waiting for form submission in long and never ending queues. And the hospital personnel Deepa- responsible to collect these forms – is late.

It is revealed that she herself is going through a lot of pressures in her personal life and that she is in desperate need for money. As the hospital empties, there are only seven people waiting to know their results, which will only be revealed after a few hours. Turns out, all of them are skeptical that they are HIV positive.

All seven of them have various reasons to believe that they are HIV positive. In a bid to kill the suspense one of them suggests that they bribe Deepa to know the results earlier than the scheduled time. Deepa reveals that one of them has tested positive for HIV and that is the only information she has.

While the seven wait for the results to officially come out at 5, the wait is killing for all of them.

Whats WOW? The way the hoopla surrounding HIV and AIDS has been captured is pretty decent. Anyone infected with the disease considers her/his life over. There is no preaching in the film, but just a story which has a lot of takeaways.

What’s Blah: Nothing to complain about in Sometimes.

Parting Shot: Sometimes is a worthy watch and will definitely hit the right notes with the audiences.

Cast : Prakash Raj, Shreya Reddy, Ashok Selvan

Director: Priyadarshan

Sometimes is now streaming on Netflix

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