Netflix Original: The Sinner

17 . Nov . 2017
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Crime and punishment seems to be a favourite among web series makers and the audiences too. While some go for true crime, others go for psychological thrillers with criminal aspects. The Sinner, Jessica Biel’s film over at Netflix is one of those – and that’s exactly the issue. Does Biel’s The Sinner rise from being just one of those or does it become something great?

A normal, seemingly happily married woman turns into a stabbing killer one fine day at the beach. It is evident that she’s killed the person – what’s not evident is why she did it. So, there’s a empathic police investigator who wishes to find out the reason behind the death and decides to take it unto himself to do so.

What’s WOW: Jessica Biel is believable as the woman-next-door who’s had a bad past and now faces a problematic future. Based on a bestselling book of the same name, The Sinner is an intense, intriguing web film with a gripping screenplay that keeps the audience asking the pertinent question – why. And the reply to the question is as surprising as the question itself.  Of course, the foil to her broken, flawed character is another broken, flawed character, the investigator, played by Bill Pullman. The scenes between the two are at the centre of what makes this series watchable.

The characters, of course, are quite different from what we have seen earlier. All psychopathic killers we have seen are either at some professional high or just plain weird.  Biel’s character just wants it all to get over with. The masterstroke here is the pleading guilty – with the investigator wanting to unravel the truth.

What’s Blah: Nothing

Parting Shot: A great addition to the world of psychological dramas.

Cast: Jessica Biel, Bill Pullman.

Producer: Iron Ocean, Universal Cable Productions

You can stream The Sinner on Netflix 

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