Netflix Original Series Dark Tourist is an interesting premise

17 . Jul . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Everyone loves to tour, provided the places are some of the best, which give the most calming experiences. However, there are some for whom tourism means going to a war-torn area, or the very exotic locales that have some of the weirdest rituals – basically, where danger is their best friend and consistent foe.

Netflix gives an insight into the tourism itinerary of such a person – which reads more like a death wish than a happy camper’s go to places. That person is New Zealand filmmaker David Farrier, who had earlier given us the documentary Tickled. In the trailer, David is shown traveling to some dangerous places – and all that’s because he doesn’t want to watch a war on the evening news and would rather experience it first-hand. There’s no launch date for the series, but we are sure that adventure addicts will like watching this off beat docu about a person travelling to off the maps places.

This is one of the many unscripted documentaries that Netflix is bringing along the way to the audiences. Netflix earlier gave the explosive documentary, Wild, Wild, Country, which was basically a collection of interviews of some of the most interesting characters from the Osho Commune, back when it was growing big in America.