Netflix Original: Seeing Allred

12 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Gloria Allred is an attorney who spectacularly fights for women and minorities in America. She has been at the forefront of several high-profile cases based on gender and class discrimination. Few people in the current generation know her story, but that’s about to change, because Netflix has come up with Seeing Allred, a documentary that bares Gloria, right from her birth to her current standing.

The documentary is a hard-as-nails and simple-as-day video of Gloria’s early days until today, interspersed with interviews of people who have interacted with her. It’s amazing to know that one woman has been at the centre of so many pathbreaking and controversial court cases in America, right from the OJ Simpson case to the Bill Cosby one.

What’s Wow: Netflix is getting it right with its documentaries. A lot of story tellers use a dramatized version, which leaves the audiences with a little ‘fake’ idea to it. Gloria Allred’s story is something that must be known by every individual and this documentary does just that. The editing is so crisp and intent that you don’t feel bored for even a single minute – and the documentary is more than an hour long.

What’s Blah:  Nothing.

Parting Shot: Seeing Allred is a must-watch for anyone wanting to know more about the gender and class equality movement in the USA.

You can watch the documentary on Netflix