Netflix Original: Samantha!

10 . Jul . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix is known for its serious, longrunning web series. Mostly, they go for the thriller, supernatural or the horror genre with their web series. So, it’s rare for them to go for a drama – more so a family drama. This family drama isn’t something general though – the characters are unique and the family dynamics require are very different from what we see in mainstream tv.

Samantha is a once child star who is trying to become famous – but her prison bird husband and two kids aren’t helping matters. She tries repeatedly to get back into the world of media and entertainment, but it doesn’t always work right for her.

What’s wow: Samantha is surprisingly charming series that has an undeniable freshness. This is the third Brazliian series that Netflix is investing in. Of course, the star of the series Emmanuelle Arujo, who brings a unique liveliness to the series. Then there’s Douglas Silva, who has a great way of bringing the empathy of a man to the screen.

The screenplay, of course, is very good because it is inspired from some of the incidents that happened on Brazilian TV back in the eighties. So, it is interesting to know some parts of the pop culture of another country – sitting at home.,

What’s Blah: Some sequences might seem made-for-TV, but the series as a whole is right there with its worth as a web series.

Parting Shot: Samantha! Is a good addition to the list of web series and a must watch for anyone who isn’t interested in the sci-fi and horror series available.

Director: Luis Pinheiro, Julia Jordão

Cast: Emanuelle Araújo, Douglas Silva, Sabrina Nonato, Cauã Gonçalves

Samantha is now streaming on Netflix.