Netflix Original Sabrina Review: A good addition to the horror playlist.

20 . Nov . 2018
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  • Netflix brings Sabrina, an Asian horror film that tries to add a whole new aspect to the horror genre and succeeds.
  • Netflix Original Sabrina is a good addition to the horror playlist.

Netflix launched a couple of horror themed concepts during the Halloween season. And in a weird step, as the festival season approaches, Netflix launched Sabrina, a Netflix Original film about how a toy menaces the family of a toy maker – after the maker’s orphan niece tries to call her mother through a spiritual machine. Sabrina is the name of the toy doll that becomes the vessel for the spirit – to wreak havoc in the lives of the family and unravel a dark secret that can change the life of the family members.

An orphan, young girl, who lives with her uncle and aunt is distressed because her parents died in an accident. The young girl comes across a game through which she can talk to her dear departed mother. However, when she does contact the spiritual world, she unwittingly releases evil spirits, who are out to kill her and her relatives. However, things are not as simple as they are shown. When the uncle and aunt hire paranormal investigators, all of them are in for a surprise.

What’s Wow: Sabrina delivers what it promises to. Gory scenes, bloody on-screen deaths and all that goes into making an engaging horror film. This is Asian horror, so the blood spurts are more visceral, and the blood spill remains for a longer duration than the Hollywood counterpart.

Like all horror films, Sabrina faces the task of adding something new to a tired genre. Almost everything that can make a horror film work has been tried – and Sabrina creators hinged on the ‘almost’ part of it.  They add an inherently emotional story that should work in all markets and add the spice of a horror film.  The performances are at par with any Asian film that we have seen. This film is no Busan Express, but it does a pretty good job of introducing world audiences to Asian content.

What’s Blah: Sabrina is a well-made film that caters to a specific audience. Looking for problems in the film would be nit picking.

Parting Shot: Sabrina is a decent watch for horror fans.

Cast and Crew

Cast: Luna Maya, Christian Sugiono, Sara Wijayanto

Director: Rocky Soraya

Writers: Rocky Soraya, Rihaem Junainti, Fajar Umbara