Netflix Original Review: Velvet Buzzsaw proves Concept is King

04 . Feb . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Velvet Buzzsaw is just what the doc ordered for supernatural horror fans.

Let’s begin the review with saying that the horror genre has become saturated and overcrowded. In such a situation, a creator needs to come up with an amazing concept that has a screenplay and a script to support it all. Netflix’s latest release, Velvet Buzzsaw, is a great concept right off the bat, but does it have an engaging screenplay? Here’s our review, where we find out.

Velvet Buzzsaw is set in the contemporary art world – full of shallow people who are too verbose for their own good. There’re also people who are naïve and just want to get a foothold in the world of art. And then there’s the veterans who have given up on the commercial side of it but are in there just for the love of art.

So, we have a famous art reviewer, Morf Vandewalt and his circle of life, including art agent Josphenia and art gallery owner Rhodora Haze. Rounding it all up is an art dcurator friend Gretchen. Josphenia, having a bad day at work and in life in general comes across the artwork of a dead painter, known as Dease. When Josphenia shows it off to her friends, including Rhodora, everyone wants a piece of the pie, but things of course go haywire after that.

What’s Wow:

Velvet Buzzsaw sets its supernatural, super gory story in the world of art, and that instantly sets off the anti-thesis. Here we have spic and span, bland-as-a-bat set piece that are ome for ultra-violent, lethal story gets on, making for some interesting visuals.

Velvet Buzzsaw hits all notes high, like artists contemplating life with people who are in it for the money, forgotten art earning millions and making nothing for the creators, so on and so forth. These messages are subtly inserted in the screenplay, so they don’t veer from the actual story – which is a heady, supernatural one. Velvet Buzzsaw is a well-made supernatural thriller and creates a great set of characters that are as human as they are flawed. The film ends on a sequel-type note, and that’s a good thing.

What’s Blah:

While well made, it looks like the Velvet Buzzsaw creators shied away from telling the audiences the true story. Somewhere down the line, there’s a full-fledged investigation into the incidents, but that loses steam as the film reaches the halfway mark, leaving the audiences intrigued, but at the same time confused.

Parting Shot:

Velvet Buzzsaw is an intriguing supernatural thriller.

Cast and Crew:

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Toni Collette, Zawe Ashton, Tom Sturridge, Natalia Dyer, Daveed Diggs, Billy Magnussen, John Malkovich.

Director: Dan Gilroy

Producer: Jennifer Fox

Writer: Dan Gilroy

Netflix Original Velvet Buzzsaw is streaming now 




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