Netflix Original Review: Triple Frontier Brings The War Home

20 . Mar . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

War is futile  – that’s been told to us in a bunch of ways through the decades. In the post modern aspect of things, directors and script writers need to tell about the aftermath of war, as much as they need to tell about the war itself. The new Netflix Original film, Triple Frontier, does just that. In the film, though we don’t see war, we see the effect it has on civilians, the Government and most importantly on the soldiers who go to war.

Triple Frontier stars Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Garret Hedlund, Pedro Pascal and Oscar Issac as once were soldiers, Redfly, William, Miller and Morales and Garcia. These five are commissioned in a secret mission to get millions of dollars that are stashed way by a criminal. On paper, the film seems to be an out and out actioner – it could be a lesser version of The Expendables or even The A Team. But director J C Chandor and writer Mark Boal decide to take this to a very different level. While the actual mission goes okey dokey, it’s the escape plan that botches, resulting in the four to not just try to escape, but face the ghosts of their past.

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What’s Wow: Triple Frontier makes a good case against war. The rousing soundtrack, that’s mostly Country songs about the fallacies of war connect perfectly with what’s happening on screen. Performances are at par, with Oscar Isaac standing out as the head of the whole operation. Netflix’s productions values can no longer be criticised, only countered. It has once again come up with a stunning piece of work that would have been picked up by any distributor in the world.

What’s Blah:  The screenplay though, falls flat. Such once-were-soldiers films usually depend on the dual logues. Triple Frontier has them, but they don’t strike as memorable for the audience. So, while you do connect with the characters, they don’t remain with you once the  credits roll off.

Parting Shot: Triple Frontier is an emotional, rousing film about war and its aftermath

Cast: Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charle Hunnam, Pedro Pascal, Garret Hedlund

Watch the trailer here :