Netflix Original Review : The Good Cop

22 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Netflix has been bringing to their platform some of the darkest, edgiest web series – starting from superheroes to vigilantes to horror. Not just Netflix, all streaming platforms have a soft spot for the dark and the grungy, leaving a big void for someone looking for the good old retro series – where people didn’t have complicated backstories and blood splatters were not part of the screenplay. That kind of series still have an audience. Apart from Monk, Castle is still streaming, so is Elementary, and they even have The Mentalist somewhere around the line.

That Monk hasn’t found its place on the streaming platforms yet is a crying shame – but at least we have never content creators making series like The Good Cop for people who are looking for good old retro entertainment.

The Good Cop takes a great twist to the old school, high on comedy, low on bloodshed, simple but twisted detective stories. A disgraced past cop and his son, who’s currently a cop, live together. The series is as much about their relationships as it is about how the younger son is fighting crime.

The series is so like the 90s detective series that the main character, TJ, has a quirk – like all detectives of that time did – he has a highly advanced sense of right and wrong. All this while his father has any-means-possible attitude towards life. And yes, he has a lady friend with whom he might or might not be romantically involved – there’s even a bespectacled nerd who’s friend makes toys.

The Good Cop settles on the thick, middle path of being a series about friends, family with just the right amount of crime thrown in to make it all very interesting. The mysteries are quite cool, and the series even throws in some good dialogues to increase the hilarity. That doesn’t mean the series keeps back the lethalness of what’s happening. And the series has a fair number of intriguing villains too.

What’s Wow: The best thing about The Good Cop is that it is a fluffy crime series. It has the right amount of crime to keep the audience going and the right amount of emotion to keep them pining for more.

The performances are standard for a tv show. Josh Groban is lovable as the guy trying to live his life. It’s Tony Danza and Monic Barbaro as his father and his partner-at-work that have the more emotional tracks, and they do it all very well.

What’s Blah: What works for The Good Cop also is a problem for it. You do get invested in the episode when it begins, you root for the protagonists and want the antagonists to catch the criminals – but once it’s done, it’s done.  This is the kind of series of which you can watch 30 episodes, have a good time, but not remember anything as the episode credits roll.

Parting Shot: The Good Cop is an endearingly simple crime series – but at the same it’s forgettable. This is something we’d call a light watch.

Creator: Andy Breckman.

Cast: Monica Barbaro, Tony Danza, Josh Groban, Bill Kottkamp, Brooke Carrell

The Good Cop is streaming on Netflix