Netflix Original Revenger Review: It is an average Martial Arts Film

17 . Jan . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Revenger offers standard martial arts sequences to a new generation

Martial films are a rage in Hollywood. Hollywood has glorified almost every aspect of the Martial Arts, right from ninjas to shotokans to everything that ever was a part of the pyjama fighting concept. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, have successfully transcended from martial art films to mainstream Hollywood. Netflix, for its part, has offered a smattering of martial arts-based films. All that has culminated to The Revenger, a Korean film that’s more martial arts than storyline.

A Korean Police detective is arrested for a crime and sent to an isolated island, which is inhabited by other criminals who have sent to the island. The island is controlled by a dreaded criminal and his troupe. The detective now must defeat his arch enemy and rid the island of the problem.

What’s Wow: Younger generations who are interested in martial arts should watch this film to get a drift of the standard script of films of yore – a lone ranger wants to avenge something, and he goes through an army of henchmen. There’s some drama and comedy thrown in for good measure. The action sequences are good and should keep the audience engaged throughout.  The script, as they say, is wafer thin, and that adds to the film’s fast screenplay.

What’s Blah: Martial arts films were available a dime a dozen, but only very few became iconic. That’s because those films were very high on martial arts sequences and deep emotion. Revenger has neither has those. The fight sequences are good and are smattered all over, but they lack the ‘wow’ factor. Bruce Khan is an excellent martial artist, but the fight choreographers don’t have him do much.  All in all, this is an average offering.

Parting Shot: Good martial arts sequences make this film apt for a one-time watch.

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Bruce Khan, Hee-Soon Park, Jin-seo Yoon

Director: Seung-Won Lee

Netflix Original Revenger is streaming now