Netflix Original Review: November 13: Attack on Paris

02 . Jun . 2018
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Netflix has for long been the doyen of documentaries when it comes to streaming. In fact, the streaming service gained traction in India because of two series – one was The Making of a Murderer and the other was Daredevil. So, documentaries are in the DNA of the streaming service. Since then, it was given documentaries like Wild, Wild, Country and others, the latest offering being The Attacks on Paris.

The Attacks on Paris is a documentary that takes a bird eye and an intimate view of the multiple attacks that took place in 2015. The documentary speaks to authorities, including the President of France, the firemen and people who lost their loved ones in the bomb blast and the continuing shootout.

What’s wow: Netflix revels in a ‘face-the-camera-tell-your-story’ kind of documentary and it has worked for them, so you don’t mend what’s not broken. The same thing that made us watch every bit of Wild, Wild Country will also make us watch every bit of The Attacks on Paris. Here is a patch of humanity trying to tell us what they went through. It’s interesting that Netflix decided on such a diverse type of people – civilians who were affected by the attacks, police officials who handled it and the President, who was unwittingly near the attacks.

What’s Blah: Nothing

Parting Shot: Attacks on Paris is a definitive documentary, making it a must watch

Director:  Gedeon, Jules Naudet

November 13: Attack on Paris is now streaming on Netflix

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