Netflix Original CAM Review: It is a great technological thriller

27 . Nov . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

The thriller and horror genre are tired. Thriller and horror genre audiences suffer from lethargy. Every year, there are tens and hundreds of thriller films releasing, so only the very bright gems even make a blip on the radar.

Netflix comes up with CAM, an Original Film that has a unique concept – a cam girl finds out that her identity has been stolen and she’s replaced. Even as she comes to terms with it, she comes this close to unravel a dangerous secret.

What’s Wow: Writer Izza Masih is a former cam girl, so the story is drenched in reality. The screenplay grabs the audience. It’s 2018, so there’s nobody who hasn’t seen a camgirl or at least stumbled on one of these websites. Even so, the screenplay succeeds in giving a true-blue picture of the chaotic, dangerous and sleazy life that’s the one of a cam girl.

Madeline Brewer who plays the protagonist, does an excellent job of showing the type of confidence, bravado and sultriness that one requires in this business. The story is shot with a breath-taking screenplay, and Brewer is the powerhouse who sees the film through.

And filmmakers are finally getting around to the concept that not all people in the sleaze trade have been forced into it. Some are in there because there’s an insane amount of money in it.

What’s Blah: While the concept of the film is very real, and the danger that the protagonist faces is very much there, the ending might seem like a cop-out for hardcore thriller audiences. Even so, CAM is at the forefront of technological thrillers currently.

Parting Shot: CAM is a must-watch for thriller fans.

Cast: Madeline Brewer, Patch Darragh, Melora Walters,

CAM is now streaming on Netflix