Netflix Original Review: Always a Witch is Not Always Entertaining

05 . Feb . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Always a Witch whitewashes and romanticizes a brutal American past

Since Netflix has come to India, it has been coming up with a lot of content in different genres. One important genre that Netflix is looking at now is the Young Adult genre, and the latest offering in this genre is Always a Witch.  The web series is originally in Spanish, but Netflix offers this series in English as well. Here’s our complete review.

A young woman – the series tell us she’s eighteen years old – is a slave in medieval times and accused of being a witch. As she is about to be burnt at the stake, she makes a deal with a mysterious man, who has her travel in time for a mission. She reaches the contemporary world, makes some friends and even helps the cops capture a serial killer – all while falling in love with two different men in different times, and having a friend who’s more of a sidekick.

What’s Wow : Always a witch is an interesting concept that concocts love, sorcery and even growing up aspects into a script that holds itself well. The series is one of the few light watches on the streaming platforms.

A little bit of the story is disturbing (we will get to that) but it’s one of the few light watches that are available on the streaming platforms currently. However, audiences shouldn’t expect an epic series, because this series is like one of those that we have seen on Saturday morning TV back in the day.

What’s Blah : As fiction, Always a Witch is a good watch, one that will keep the audience hooked on. However, the script suffers from almost every series that has historical fact – the romanticizing of politically incorrect aspects and sheer injustices. For example, the slavery aspect is toned down to such a PG level that it could rile up quite a few historians.

Then again, the series falls into the same romantic trope of an Owner falling in love with a slave – a concept that should be handled with much more finesse than something’s that aimed at a Young Adult audience.  The series’ ending hints at a sequel, so we can only hope that they make the script a lot more contemporary this time around.

The problem here is not that the series shows slavery, the issue is the white-washing and romanticising of criminal behaviour that’s still rampant all over the world. Always a Witch should have taken a leaf out of the BBC series Spartacus while depicting slavery or should have retooled the origins for their YA readers.

Parting Shot : Always a Witch is not a lesson in history.

Cast and Crew :

Cast: Sofia Bernal Araujo, Valeria Emilani, Dylan Fuentes, Angely Gaviria, Carlos Quintero

Director: Liliana Bocanegra, Mateo Stivelberg

Writer: Isidora Chacon, Ana Maria Parra

Producers: Maria Cervera, JulianaBarrera, Dago Garcia

The Netflix  Serie Always a Witch is streaming now !