Netflix Original Remastered Review : It is a good introduction to crime, politics and celebrities.

17 . Oct . 2018
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  • Netflix Original Remastered first episode is about Bob Marley assassination attempt

Netflix is going heavy into the documentary territory. All their documentaries and even fictionalised accounts of historical events have opened to critical and commercial acclaim. Netflix now brings ReMastered, a web series that will document the life and deaths of some of the most influential performers in the world, and how the political parties and shady Government organisations were involved.

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The first episode of this series talks about the life and times of the celebrated singer Bob Marley, and how he had become a dangerous entity for the political figures of Jamaica. The series gives a sweeping statement about when Bob Marley was attacked. It is a bit disappointing to see that the makers don’t even begin to think about who was behind the attack. So, at least the first episode won’t interest the arm chair investigators or conspiracy theorists. What the first episode does, is recreate a violent time frame from Jamaica’s, and therefore, the world’s history.

What’s Wow: The creators try to introduce a whole new generation to how the lives of celebrities and political organisations are intertwined.  In the current scenario, it is important for people to realise what really goes on beyond and ahead of the borders.

What’s Blah: While the first episode raises important questions and at least introduces audiences to the political conflict in Jamaica, it doesn’t do much else, leaving the audience to find information on their own.

Parting Shot: Re Mastered is a good attempt to introduce entire generations to crimes committed against celebrities.

Creator: Kief Davidson

Remastered is now streaming on Netflix.