Netflix Original: The Push

01 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Netflix is bringing unscripted series to the fore. It has added reality shows, talk shows and a lot more to its inventory. While reality tv is said to have killed TV, it is interesting to see web series like The Push, a unique concept that’s unlike anything you have seen.

The Push is an unscripted show that pits a person in a dramatized situation – where the said person will be pushed to their bounds and finally forced to be part of a homicide. In simpler words, the showrunners will create a situation, under supervision and with trained actors, where a situation will arise that a person will have little option but to be part of a homicide, whether the person decides to be part of it is what forms the rest of the story.

What’s Wow: The Push puts to rest that niggling question, will reality TV kill streaming? Short answer, it won’t. Reality TV is exciting, but as industry insiders have said, the requirement to cater audiences has made it overly dramatic – and that’s what puts off the more woke audiences. Streaming has reality tv break these shackles and come out to be what it is supposed to be – real stories of real people in real situations.

There’s not much to talk about performances, after all, it is a reality show, so the main people are non actors, surrounded by actors. But what needs to be spoken about is the incredible ideas that come out of showrunner Derren Brown’s mind. Derren Brown excels at creating the scenarios – and looking at how simply they are played out, it leaves a chill down the spine of the audiences. After all, that Mr. Somebody on screen could be Mr. Anybody.

What’s Blah: Nothing

Parting Shot: The Push is the push (pun intended) needed to make reality Tv interesting again. Watch this one.

Cast: Derren Brown and others.

You can watch ‘The Push’ on Netflix