Netflix Original: The Punisher

21 . Nov . 2017
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The Punisher is the newest, brutal addiction to the Marvel/Netflix verse. With owner Disney planning their own streaming service and the contract ending sometime in 2018, this could be the last Marvel series on Netflix. Taking that into consideration, how does this series fare? We find out.

Frank Castle is no longer The Punisher. He has (apparently) avenged the killers of his family and now lives a non-descript life in a small town. However, Frank and the baddies are never too far. Frank is forced to come out of his hiding due to several reasons – including a young Government investigator wondering whether The Punisher is alive. And then there is this mysterious person, Micro, who wants to talk to the man who was Punisher.

What’s WOW: Jon Bernthal left the audience breathless with his Punisher routine in Daredevil and here he leaves us fascinated with the man who will never be the hero. He is the emotional thread that keeps the series going full bang. The storyline is a typical comic-book complicated one, but Jon’s performance will have the audience hooked till the end of the series.  What’s laudable – or at least the easy way out is the addition of that character who is pro-gun and wants to set up a revolution because the authorities don’t want to give people their guns.

What’s Blah: The series – like a Punisher series would be – is extremely violent and ugly dirty. So, you have people beaten up with hammers, someone getting their heard smashed by a shotgun butt, and much more. The series, like all other Marvel series tend to lose their tautness somewhere in the middle. Conversations between two people are great, but not the best thing to put in a series that’s basically about a vigilante gone mad.

Parting Shot: By now, the brand value of a Marvel series is such that audiences will have to see every series – The Punisher just has several reasons for audiences to tune in.

Cast: Jon Bernthal, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Ben Barnes, Amber Rose Revah, Paul Schulze, Jason R. Moore, Michael Nathanson, Daniel Webber, Jaime Ray Newman, Deborah Ann Woll

Producer: Marvel Television, ABC Studios, Bohemian Risk Productions

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