Netflix Original: My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

13 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Former President of the United States, Barack Obama has an incredible personality. He is one of the rare persons who have the aura and charisma to bring people together – and he did it, twice. Now, in a first, David Letterman has a tete-a-tete with him on the Netflix series, My Next Guest needs No Introduction. Here’s our review.

MNGNNI is a Netflix first, a talk show to make it to streaming is interesting. Netflix knew that the only way to make this a success is by getting guests that people are not just rooting for but also want to know more about – even if they know almost everything. With this mind, the series could only be warm, personal and without any of the diatribes that we see on mainstream television.

What’s Wow: With Former POTUS, David Letterman succeeds in creating a show that’s all the above and more. What’s most important is that the show is not propaganda, and in classic Letterman way, the persona is more the profession.

So, the interaction moves from being talk between an interviewer and a former Head of a Government to two dads who are discussing how they are handling their kids, and then there’s a sudden curve to all the historical instances that helped create this interview.

This is a compelling watch just for the emotional side – but is a must watch for a whole new generation who’s wondering just why is the former President still sometimes – wrongly – attributed as the President of the United States, when he should ideally be regarded as Former.

What’s Blah? Nothing.

Parting Shot: A great start to what could be a must-watch series.

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