Netflix brings Mad Mikkelson action film, Polar to streaming audiences

08 . Jan . 2019
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  • Mads Mikkleson comes to streaming

The trailer for the Mads Mikkelson action film, Polar is coming to Netflix. The trailer has now launched on YouTube and it promises an action fest. The comic series is about an assassin who’s brought back from retirement by his former employer, who thinks that he is bad for business. The assassin will now have to defeat younger, smarter and faster assassins.

The web comic is known for its lack of dialogue and speech balloons, and mostly because it is rendered in black, white and orange. That same theme comes to the Netflix Original film, that’s evident from the trailer. Watch the trailer here:

Netflix is going all out on creating content that’s not Disney and not horror. Polar is a Dark Horse imprint and along with Mads Mikkelson, the film stars Vanessa Hudgens, Katheryn Winnick, Matt Lucas and others. The film releases on Netflix on January 25.