Netflix Original Little Things 2 Review : The series starring Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar has lived up to the hype that it was associated with

08 . Oct . 2018
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The season 2 of Little Things has come out now on Netflix. The first season came out on Filter Copy. Dhruv and Kavya are a live-in couple who are trying to sort out the various problems in life, but they find happiness in the little things.

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Kavya is successful in her career, while Dhruv is struggling to keep up with his job at a startup because he doesn’t find it interesting. He is instead focusing on his tuition podcasts. The couple is then visited by Dhruv’s childhood friend, who brings back a lot of old memories.

As they spend more time with him, the couple realizes that they have a lot differences with him. But eventually, Dhruv concludes that you don’t have to agree with all your friends, and it is okay to continue your friendship with them.

The series moves forward bringing in a lot more differences for the couple, Dhruv leaves his irritating job, while Kavya is promoted. The two have difficult timing understanding this new development. At a family wedding, Dhruv and Kavya have a fight and they are forced to think about their life together.

What Wow? The series is not high on drama and you like that about the show. Both the actors Dhruv and Mithila play their respective characters with a lot of conviction. The way the series has been shot is definitely at par with other Netflix series. The other aspect that stands out is the chemistry between the two central characters.

What Blah? There is nothing to complain about in the series.

Parting Shot: The series has lived up to the hype that it was associated with. The performances, story and the characterization in the series are all up to the mark. There are many moments in the series which will be relatable to many in the audiences.

Cast: Dhruv Sehgal, Mithila Palkar

Little Things 2 is now streaming on Netflix