Netflix Original: Little Evil

02 . Sep . 2017
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The streaming platform is a great option for horror filmmakers. Horror directors are really pushing the envelope in short films. They are making even one-minute short films, which are quite entertaining. With horror filmmakers experimenting, newer sub-genres like horror comedies, black comedy horror and others are now becoming popular. One such film that falls in this genre is the Neflix original, Little Evil.

Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly play Gary and Samantha, a newly married couple. Samantha has a son from a previous marriage, Lucas, one of the strangest kids you’ll see in a horror film. Gary is still coming to terms with his stepson not accepting him as a father figure, even as some mysterious people plan to create a wedge between him and Lucas.

What’s Wow: Little Evil works well as a spoof of some of the scariest films that we have grown up on. Whether it’s the Poltergeist or the Omen references, they work. The performances are nice and the direction mostly keeps the pace.

Adam Scott is quite believable as the dad-looking-for-acceptance. Evangeline Lilly amps up the giggles with her woman-without-a-clue torn between her husband and her son. Newcomer Owen Atlas, who plays Lucas, looks promising. His turn from the literal son of Satan to a cute kid who is caught up between things is good. The film does have an open-ended climax, so we are guessing Owen will get more screen time in a sequel.

What’s Blah: It is difficult to make a spoof. While Little Evil succeeds in entertaining for the most part, the screenplay could have done with a few more gags. Also, Little Evil is not as much a spoof as it’s a standalone horror film in itself, which takes its genre lightly.  While we have a good new franchise on our hands, the audience might find it difficult to decide whether they’re watching the spoof of a horror film or a horror film. But when the film finally decides to sink into itself, the film really pushes up.

Parting Shot:  Little Evil is the perfect example of newer ideas coming into the horror genre. Looks good.

Cast: Evangeline Lilly, Adam Scott, Owen Atlas, Clancy Brown, Tyler Labine, Donald Faison, Chris D’Elia, Bridget Everett


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