Netflix Original: Ladies First

09 . Mar . 2018
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Unlike its urban counterpart, rural India still considers women as the backward gender, giving men preference over women. But defying all odds, Deepika Kumari carved a name for herself as a world class archer, winning the 2006 Archery World Cup.

The Netflix documentary first establishes the humble background Deepika comes from. Her mom worked as a nurse at the Ranchi Medical College, while her father was a rickshaw driver. From economic conditions which made it difficult to provide for a large joint family, Deepika saw some hope in joining the local archery team, as members were given a meal a day. Within four years, she was the number one archer in the world, and represented India at two Olympics.

Overcoming the obstacles of a repressive system, she has been nursing the dream of becoming the first Indian woman to win an Olympic Gold Medal. The documentary lays emphasis on Deepika’s Olympic journey: first to London 2012 and then to Rio 2016 Olympics, where she fights to achieve her dream.

Despite having failed in that attempt owing to fever and high winds (London) and a shoulder injury and a badly organized entourage to the Olympics (Rio), Deepika has now set her eyes on the 2020 Olympics happening in Tokyo.

What’s WOW? Firstly, the sheer thought of highlighting the plight of a woman archer in India is itself noteworthy. Director Uraaaz Bahl has managed to give viewers an in-depth understanding of the struggles of a sportswoman in India, that too when she is not financially strong to support her passion.

What’s Blah?  Nothing at all.

Parting Shot: Ladies First is a humble attempt to highlight the struggles of Indian sportswomen. And is definitely deserves must-watch tag.

Directed: Uraaz Bahl

Writer: Shaana Levy Bahl

Ladies First is now streaming on Netflix.

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