Netflix Original: The Joel McHale Show

23 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix is seriously looking to add to its unscripted content – and that brings us to the new show, The Joel McHale Show by Joel McHale. Here’s our complete review of the show.

Standup comic Joel McHale comes to Netflix with a brand-new show that has him do what he does best – take a dig at traditional tv. The gag-a-minute show is fast paced and is uniquely, genuinely funny. If you are looking around for a quick gag, the Joel McHale show is there for you.

What’s Wow: The screenplay and the gags are good, the sudden plugs of other actors are better and the audience reaction gives the whole thing a feel of it being better than it already is.

What’s Blah? Nothing

Parting Shot: A surefire quickie for Netflix.

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Cast: Joel McHale

Creator: Joel McHale