Netflix Original: Gerald’s Game

03 . Oct . 2017
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Stephen King is the author of some of the most terrifying horror themed books which were then turned into films. The horror genre in general has several aspects like action, fantasy etc. However, psychological horror thriller is an entirely different genre. Films in the psychological horror genre are generally slow, staggered and have that one scene which moors the entire story.

Gerald’s Game tells the story of a couple trying to reignite their love life. They decide to indulge in a BDSM game, far, far away. However, their idea goes horribly wrong, leaving the wife handcuffed to the bed with her husband’s dead body plopped on her. That’s when the psychological aspect of it begins.

What’s Wow: Gerald’s Game is an excellent addition to the psychological genre. It’s caterpillar – like screenplay clearly creates the atmosphere for the chilling psychological story that the film is. Gerald’s Game brings to the fore several other aspects that are like the spice to a good dish – repressed memories, sexual assault, child abuse and everything else that’s wrong with this world.

Bruce Greenwood and Carla Gugino are in pretty good form and do justice to their characters. Mike Flanagan does justice to the course material.

What’s Blah: We didn’t find anything wrong with this short film.

Parting Shot: A good psychological thriller.


Carla Gugino as Jessie Burlingame, Gerald’s wife

Chiara Aurelia as Young Jessie Mahout

Bruce Greenwood as Gerald Burlingame, Jessie’s husband

Carel Struycken as Raymond Andrew Joubert

Henry Thomas as Tom Mahout, Jessie’s father

Kate Siegel as Sally Mahout, Jessie’s mother


Directed by:  Mike Flanagan

Produced by:  Trevor Macy

You can watch the series on Netflix 



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