Netflix Original: When We First Met

12 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s Valentine’s season and the streaming platforms are getting ready for it – just like how they got ready for Halloween or Christmas season. The latest offering over at Netflix is When We First Met, a romantic supernatural comedy starring Adam DeVine, Alexandra Daddario, Shelley Hennig, Andrew Bachelor ad Robbie Amell. Here’s our complete review of When We First Met

The story is a bit of Groundhog Day mixed with 30 First Dates. A guy meets a girl who he wants to hook up with but is unfortunately stuck in the bro zone. How does he plan to solve this quandary? Well, he gets into a time travel and try to impress her. And if you are thinking that someone’s finally wanting to try out sci-fi with a romance, don’t. the sci-fi aspect of this is just a goofy, sugar-rush kind of logic that won’t stand logic.

What’s Wow: Everyone gives some earnest performances. It’s good to see that actors from mainstream Hollywood are now considering streaming, after heavyweight producers have given streaming a chance.  The production values are by-now-Netflix-known-grade and you won’t end up feeling that you’re watching a smaller product.

What’s Blah: Romance comedies are a dime a dozen. You really need to amp up everything to make a romance film that’ll hold this generation’s interest – and unfortunately When We First Met isn’t something that does. The premise is cute but everything else is a tad bit boring and over-elongated. Such a care-me-dare film would do better with a rick-rolling, high faluting screenplay but this one doesn’t, it meanders into known territory. Watching the film, it makes one feel that Netflix really wanted a romantic comedy with their name on it and made it happen.

Parting Shot: When We First Met is a good romance comedy. But somehow, the meandering quality of the screenplay doesn’t really justify it’s Netflix Original stamp.

Cast and Crew

Cast: Adam DeLevine, Alexandra Daddario, Shelly Hennig, Andrew Bachelor, Robbie Amell

Director: Ari Sandel

Producer: Adam Saunders, Mason Novick, Mary Viola, Michelle Knudsen, McG

You can watch it on Netflix