Netflix Original: El Camino Christmas

12 . Dec . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Fans say that there’s not been a Christmas film close to Die Hard. That’s because the film has enough action, drama and emotion to drown out everything else. Many websites have thought of finding a Christmas themed film that counters Die Hard and we might just have found one with El Camino Christmas, the Netflix original film.

A drifter, Eric Roth (Luke Grimes) comes into a small town that has an incompetent sheriff Bob Fuller (Kurtwood Smith) and a trigger-happy police officers, Carl Hooker (D’Onofrio) who is highly prejudiced about who’s who. Eric raises Carl’s suspicions even as he looks for his dad, Larry Michael Roth (Allen) are unwittingly caught in a hostage situation that’s more the handiwork of Hooker than bad luck, even as Christmas looms large.

What’s Wow: El Camino Christmas is a quickfire that works because of the intensity that it offers the audience. The film proves that a Christmas story doesn’t need to be sappy and totally politically correct. All the characters in the film are deeply flawed, but the performances make the audience root for them. Tim Allen is great in his small role and is basically the anchor that moves the film towards it’s bittersweet end.  E Camino has a bit of Fargo in its DNA and that’s what makes the film more watchable. Jessica Alba finally gets to show her acting chops, even if it is on the streaming platforms. Vince D’Onofrio is profoundly interesting in his outing as a crooked but maybe well-meaning cop.

What’s Blah: Nothing.

Parting Shot: A feel good film that will leave a bitter sweet taste long after the credits have rolled.

Cast: Vincent D’Onofrio, Tim Allen, Jessica Alba, Dax Shepherd, Luke Grimes, Michellle Myett, Kurtwood Smith, Kimberly Quinn.

Director: David Talbert