Netflix Original: Drug Lords

31 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Since the sixties, after Prohibition, drugs became one of the most sold, smuggled and used contraband in the world. America has suffered a lot because of drugs and there are several stories of how authorities have just about begun to clamp down on the activities – beginning with the gunning down of the dreaded drug baron Pablo Escobar.

That thing was made into a series and is one of the most popular one on Netflix. That’s not the only drug related series. There’s Narcos, then there’s El Chapo and so many others. Now, there’s a documentary that tells the stories of not one but four families that found themselves embroiled into the world of drugs – and how they all fell.

What’s Wow: The best documentaries haze zero drama and give the facts in a concise and quick manner – and that’s exactly what Drug Lord does. With the fictionalization of the life of the drug lords, there has been a risk of romanticizing them, or even justifying what the did. The generation today needs to understand that if everyone who had a hard time would become a criminal, criminals would be the new normal.

These hard-hitting discussions of what the drug cartels did, especially Escobar, are bound to remove the romantic notion that he was an all-around do-gooder who’s was killed off in a matter of fact manner.  While Escobar is definitely the first episode and the main man, the series introduces us to three more families who ruled the world of drugs almost as ruthlessly as he did.

What’s Blah:  Nothing.

Parting Shot: This is a definite watch for a young generation who don’t quite understand how ruthless these people were.

Cast: None, all are people interviews.

You can watch it on Netflix