Netflix Original: Damnation

06 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The old Wild West has been a fascinating subject for film-makers for a long time. Several films have broached this subject. Some are pulp actioners, some have been comedies and very few have told the story of the various issues that made the wild west so wild. Now Netflix brings to us the drama web series Damnation, that is based on reality and talks about some of the problems that the individuals faced in their time.

A Preacher, Seth comes to town and sees that there is a bit of trouble afoot. The farmers aren’t allowed to sell their produce to the town, which greatly diminishes their profits. While he preaches that they should, some guns don’t like that – and bring in an Enforcer, Creely, to ensure that no goods are sold. That Enforcer happens to be Seth’s brother. What follows next is a story that’s equal parts fraternal competition as it is political drama.

What’s Wow: It’s a good idea to add a historical fiction to Netflix’s inventory and Netflix needs more of some vanilla action series. Damnation works very well as a period piece. It works when it wants to give the audience a piece of their history. Another positive aspect of the series is the dialogue that’s written – it takes the audience right into the thick of things, even if it’s as raucous as ‘c—ksucker’.

What’s Blah: As with all fiction pieces inspired from real life, Damnation tries to give a true, wide picture of what happened – and somewhere along the line, the number of story arcs become too much to take in or be interested in. Of course, there’s one major storyline that acts as a continuation to the other ones. While the main characters are well etched out, the secondary characters are too many and sometimes, their backstory becomes just a mass of facts thrown out.

Parting Shot: There’s nothing as a bad western. Damnation does a good job of telling a compelling story and entertaining audiences.

Cast: Killian Scott as Seth Davenport, Logan Marshall-Green as Creeley Turner, Sarah Jones as Amelia Davenport, Chasten Harmon as Bessie Louvin, Christopher Heyerdahl as Don Berryman, Melinda Page Hamilton as Connie Nunn, Joe Adler as DL Sullivan,

Director: Tony Tost